Video message of the winner of the National Competition

The winner of the award "For the best film" of the National Competition is the film "Sockeye Salmon. Red Fish" directed by Dmitry Shpilenok and Vladislav Grishin.

The film is dedicated to a species of wild salmon - sockeye salmon, which is now on the verge of extinction. Sockeye salmon is born in the reservoirs of Kamchatka, goes out into the Pacific Ocean, where it spends its entire life. It returns to fresh water only once to give offspring, start the wheel of life and die. It is an inexhaustible resource that feeds billions of people on the Earth, reviving every year. But the film confronts us with an incredible fact: an inexhaustible resource will be exhausted through the fault of human.

Dmitry Shpilenok is known as the main cameraman of the film "Bears of Kamchatka. The Beginning of Life", (24 awards, the Golden Eagle Film Award 2018 in the nomination "Best non-fiction Film", the award of the Russian Geographical Society in the nomination "Best Media Project"). He also shot videos for Russian and international TV channels (including BBC World) and was the author of the video projects "Priroda Show" and "I am a bear!", "Reserved Kamchatka".

Dmitry recorded a video message for the festival, which you can watch below.