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In the National Competition, where director and screenwriter Sergey Karandashov was the chairman of the jury, the winners in the following nominations were selected:

Jury DIPLOMA for the film "CHILDREN OF WAR" (directed by Sardaana Barabanova) for the metaphorical restoration of historical memory. The picture tells the stories of Yakut children of the Great Patriotic War, who in 1941 were from 6 to 14 years old. The film recreates their life in the deep rear thousands of kilometers from the front line through drawings and animation. In small Yakut villages, these children survived the war – suffered from hunger, cold, worked on a par with adults and saw the death of loved ones. This film is a tribute of respect and appreciation to the veterans of the Second World War and the home front, the children of war, their heroic work was done in the name of peace on earth.

Special jury award of the national competition with the wording "For the revelation of the vivid female characters" was awarded to the picture "THE CARING WOMEN OF UDORA" by director Anna Koryakovtseva, that tells about an ancient rite dedicated to St. Paraskeva Friday, which takes place annually in the village of Krivoe in the Udora district of Komi. Her icon is washed with water from the local river with the help of... grouse feathers! The heroines of the film are nine women of various ages.

The prize FOR THE ACTIVE CIVIC POSITION OF THE ARTIST of the national competition was awarded to director Denis Shabaev with the film "FOLLOW THE SEA". The picture tells women's stories on different shores of the Caspian Sea.

In the nomination FOR BEST PICTURE of the national competition, the movie "CHECHNYA AND PEACE" (directed by Dmitry Semibratov) won. The film focuses on the study of the restoration of the wildlife world on the territory of Chechnya.