The closing film of the SHAPE OF LIFE festival will be the Yakut documentary "The Secret of the Vilyui Reservoir" directed by Anastasia Borisova, Angelika Motosova, Vera Afanasyeva, Anastasia Alekseeva about the village that was flooded as a result of the construction of the Vilyui hydroelectric power station. The construction of the hydroelectric power plant was carried out in extremely difficult conditions: a completely uninhabited area with a complete lack of housing, roads, production facilities, a harsh climate, permafrost. There are several Soviet documentaries about all this in the style of glorification of the builders of a bright future. But they do not mention the inconveniences and sufferings that befell the migrants. The creators of the new Yakut film decided to fill this gap and tell about how the fate of people left without a small homeland developed. "The Secret of the Vilyui Reservoir" is the first Yakut documentary of this scale, and its world premiere will take place within the SHAPE OF LIFE festival.