55 min,
A driver and a businessman, a medical student and a 3D animator, a brewer, a locksmith – 18 men of different ages and professions arrived on the desert Vilktsky Island in the Kara Sea. They arrived to clean manually its territory from tons of metal scrap remained after the exploration of Yamal - they do it alone with just a company of polar bears. The harsh climate of the Far North, the lack of civilization, hard daily physical labor and the romance of the polar brotherhood. The project "Purifying Arctic", created by Gorky Film Studio, will tell a story about the people who are ready to take a challenge and go out of each for a month to test themselves and make the world better.


Screenwriter, director. Graduated from St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Journalism in 2005. In 2011, he studied at the St. Petersburg Union of Cinematographers, courses for second directors. He is also a graduate of Alexander Molchanov's scenario workshop (2015) and Creative wrighting school, an online course in drama "Ugaroff" (2017). Laureate of the St. Petersburg Government Prize in the field of journalism and holder of the title "Ambassador of St. Petersburg Culture".
Documentary series "Petrograd in the days of the First World War"
A series of documentaries "Nature Reserves of the Russian Federation"
The cycle of documentary programs "Archives of History"
Documentary series "Oriental wives"
Documentary series "Emigrants"
Short film "Five minutes", Experience No. 4"
Documentary film "At a distance"
The documentary film "Purifying Arctic"
Director, screenwriter:
Alexey Kobylkov

DOP: Dmitry Kozyakov, Alexey Kobylkov

Editor: Sergey Loginov

Sound engineer:
Mikhail Morgunov

Karina Ghazaryan

General Producers:
Hasmik Movsisyan,
Lika Blank

Executive Producer:
Ekaterina Stroganova

Creative Producer:
Anastasia Rycina