Daria Kuznetsova

2021, Russia, documentary, 16 min, colour
We are standing on the threshold of global problems and we see how reality is changing every minute. The pandemic, human rights issues, political and social challenges are shaping our vision of the world. But there are people whose reality is formed by the main instinct - the survival instinct. And this is their story. The story of whale hunters who go out into the harsh North Sea, making their way through the ice to feed themselves and their families.


Documentary director and producer.
Works in the field of advertising and art. Cooperates with foreign platforms such as HBO, Apple TV, ESPN.
2020 Inner. Svetlana Zakharova
2019 Sabetta
Director, DOP: Daria Kuznetsova

Editing: Evgeny Todich

Art Director: Ricardo Davilla

Composer: Luc Atencio

Drone cameramen: Charles Xelo, Maxim Antipin, Daria Kuznetsova

Sound designer: Valentin Mingalev

Colour correction: Aidos Zhumurov