2020, Russia,
45 min, colour
Seemingly unremarkable embankment of the Kama River in a remote area of Perm. But it is not remarkable only at first glance. If an attentive viewer takes a closer look at what is happening here, he will be able to catch the whispers of absolutely incredible events, real life experiences and stories that the residents of the city unwittingly trust these stones. The main thing is to observe carefully!


She was born in Perm. She is a graduate of the Moscow School of New Cinema, Artur Aristakisyan's laboratory. The diploma film "Fire" (2016) received awards at international film festivals. Artistic director of the documentary film workshops at the Summer School (2017) and at the Rudnik International Film Festival (2018). Author of documentaries of the project "Signs of Life" on Radio Liberty and the Present. Doc.
2016 "Fire"
2017 "Dust of time"
2019 "Between the forest and the prison"
2019 "Bell"
2019 "Kizel: After coal"
2020 "The outskirts. Quarantine"
2021 "Last barracks"
2021 "Chusovaya. Memory River"
2021 "Bones on the shore"
2021 "Plant"
Director, DOP, editing:
Nadezhda Zakharova

Sound engineer:
Georgy Ermolenko

Line Producer:
Lazzat Ashikbayeva

Executive Producer:
Ekaterina Stroganova

Creative Producer:
Anastasia Rycina

General Producer:
Lika Blank

General Producer:
Hasmik Movsisyan