2016, Russia, Germany,
131 min, b/w
The film tells about people whose lives were intertwined in a terrible time of a hitherto unseen war. In this story, three destinies are intertwined – the Russian emigrant Olga, an aristocrat, a member of the French Resistance, a French collaborator Jules and a German Helmut, a high-ranking SS officer.


Andrey  Konchalovsky

Executive Producer:
Olesya Hydrat

Andrey Konchalovsky and
Elena Kiseleva

Alexander Simonov

Production designer:
Irina Ochina

Sergey Shustitsky

Costume Designers:
Dmitry Andreev and
Vladimir Nikiforov

Makeup artists:
Galina  Ponomareva  and
Elena Dmitrienko

Sound engineer:
Maxim Belovolov

Editing directors:
Ekaterina Veshcheva  and
Sergey Taraskin

Associate Producers:
Alisher Usmanov,
Alexander Brovarets

Andrey Konchalovsky  and
Florian Daile

Yulia Vysotskaya,
Christian Claus,
Philippe Duquesne,
Viktor Sukhorukov

Andrey Konchalovsky Film Company
Director, screenwriter and producer Andrei Konchalovsky has enjoyed equally distinguished careers directing on both stage and screen. His best-known film credits range from Uncle Vanya (1970), adapted from the famous Chekhov play and regarded as one of the greatest works of Russian cinema of all time, to the critically acclaimed Dear Comrades! (2020), Konchalovsky's most recent film, which has been nominated for a BAFTA and shortlisted for an Academy Award®. He has also made popular English-language films such as Runaway Train (1985), which earned three Academy Award® nominations, Maria's Lover's (1984), Duet for One (1986) and Shy People (1986).

He has earned acclaim on the small screen for landmark epics such as The Odyssey (1997), for which he won an Emmy® award for best director, and Lion in Winter (2003), which received a Golden Globe® award for costume design alongside multiple Emmy® awards and nominations.

Konchalovsky has directed numerous opera and theatrical productions across Europe and the United States, including the 2006 production of King Lear at Theatre Na Woli, Poland, Miss Julie at the Malaya Bronnaya Theatre, Moscow and Chekhov's The Seagull, which played at the Mossovet Theatre in Moscow, the Odéon Theatre in Paris and various venues in Italy. Other productions include War and Peace at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Oedipus at Colonus in Italy, and Queen of Spades and Eugene Onegin at La Scala in Italy, the latter of which was also staged in Paris.
1961 «The Boy and the Dove»
1965 «The First Teacher»
1967 «The Story of Asya Klyachina»
1969 «A Nest of Gentry»
1970 «Uncle Vanya»
1974 «A Lover's Romance»
1979 «Siberiade»
1994 «Assia and the Hen with the Golden Eggs»
2002 «House of Fools»
2007 «Gloss»
2014 «The Postman's White Nights»
2016 «Paradise»
2019 «Sin"
2020 «Dear Comrades!»
2020 «Homo Sperans»