Peter Kerekes is a film director, producer and teacher from Slovakia.

He directed & produced "107 mothers" (2021), "Velvet terrorists"(2013), "Cooking History" (2009) and "66 Seasons" (2003). Produced the omnibus documentary „Occupation 1968" and co-produced the films „Caught in the net" (2020) by Vít Klusák and Barbara Chalupová, "The Wind. Documentary thriller" (2019) by Michał Bielawski. Peter Kerekes is teaching at Academy of Performing Artrs in Bratislava and at the DocNomads – joint masters in Budapest.
2003 «66 Seasons»
2009 «Cooking History»
2013 «Velvet terrorists»
2021 «107 mothers»
A screenwriter, director and producer from Italy. He studied film in Bologna and later at Columbia University in New York. There he worked with Emir Kusturica, Marcia Nasatir, Stephan Scharff, Ralph Rosemblum, Lewis Cole and others. After returning to Italy he worked as a screenwriter and directed three features: «Figurine» (1997), «500!» (co-direction, with L.Vignolo and M.Zingirian - 2001) and «Hermano» (2004). He also directed TV movies, documentaries and commercials. Among his credits the series «Kommissar Rex», «TF45», prime time series (8x96min) for «canale5» and many features in Italy and Europe. He worked also as producer. He is still active as story editor and script consultant for many international companies. Giovanni has published a book on screenwriting, and different other essays and articles. Since 1998 he has been teaching at many universities in Italy, Bologna, Iulm Milano, Genova, Roma and has been visiting professor at the Universitè D'Evry - Val D'Essonne (UEVE) in France. Since 2013 he is a member of the European Film Academy.
Graduated from VGIK in 1987 . Works in cinema from 1982 to the present. The filmography includes more than 200 films shot in various genres of cinema. The most famous feature films: "Harvest Time", "Yar", "Happy Birthday", "12 summer", "The Last doll game", "Blockade Diary". As a cinematographer, she has made 6 documentaries. Teaches camerawork at VGIK, GITR and VKSR. Member of the Union of Cinematographers and the Guild of Cinematographers since 1991, member of the European Guild of Cinematographers RGC since 2011. She is a laureate of the state prize, as well as a prize-winner of numerous film festivals and professional film awards.
Selected filmography
Director - cinematographer
2003 "1000 degrees Celsius" documentary
2005 "About Sarah and Sveta" documentary
2010 "Dynasty (Century-long Cinema)" documentary
2012 "Good Morning, Mitrovica" documentary
2008 "Her Family and other animals" documentary

Director of Photography
1989 "Oh, Makiza de Sade..." science fiction
1991 "Scorpion Venom" fiction
1996 "Provincial Girls" documentary
1997 "Voices", 2001 "Angel Hunt", 2004 "Marina Passion" Trilogy Silver Age documentary
1998 "Happy Birthday!" fiction
1999 "Carried by the Wind" documentary
1999 "Lacrimosa" documentary
2001 "Fast and Furious" and 2016 "Fast and Furious. The return" documentary dilogy
2001 "Place" documentary
2001 "Probe" documentary
2002 "Just Life" documentary
2002 "Birds of the Sky" documentary
2004 "Angel on the sidelines" fiction
2004 "Harvest Time" fiction
2005 "Foreign Country" documentary
2006 "Vacation" documentary
2007 "YAR" fiction
2007 "Reconstruction of one apartment" documentary
2008 "The twelfth summer" fiction
2009 "Second" documentary
2010 "The Last Doll game" fiction
2012 "Who is this Kusturica?" documentary
2012 "After Byzantium" documentary
2013 "GIFT" fiction
2015 "Trans-Baikal Odyssey" documentary
2015 "My Brother CAIN" documentary
2015 "Waiting for waves and particles" science fiction
2017 "Young Shaman's Course" documentary
2018 "Witnesses of Love" documentary
2018 «Intonations of big Odessa" documentary
2019 "About Kira Stealthily" documentary
2020 "Blockade Diary" fiction
2020 "Improvisation in search of Dialogue" documentary
2021 "12 Robbers Lived" documentary
2022 "14+ continued" fiction
Dr. Gulnara Abikeyeva,
President of Association of film critics of Kazakhstan, member of APSA Academy, FIPRESCI and NETPAC. In 2016, she was awarded French L'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres for her international activity and her work as an artistic director of the International Film Festival Eurasia in Almaty. She is the author of eleven books about cinema published in Kazakhstan, Russia, Great Britain and South Korea.
Graduated from VGIK, director's department of feature films (workshop of V.I. Khotinenko, V.A. Fenchenko). Currently, she works as a director, executive producer at the "Ostrov" Studio.
2008 "Near"
2010 "Meeting"
2011 "Union" over the tropics"
2013 "Everything we do"
2017 "Bottom"
2018 "Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Repentance"
2020 "Crosses"
Eduard Novikov is a film director of the Autonomous Institution of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) of the State National Film Company "Sahafilm", director of the private film company "EN". Graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Cinema and Television in 2001 with a degree in director-cinematographer. Laureate of the Alampa Award and the State Prize of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) named after A.E. Kulakovsky. Eduard is a member of the Guild of Film Directors of Russia and a member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation.
Short films:
2001 «God»
2003 «Light in the Dark»
2005 «Plisada»

Non - fiction films:
2008 «Sniper of the Russian land» (a film about the hero of the Second World War, sniper F.Okhlopkov)
2006 «Fate will remain fate»
2013 «Tanda»
2013 «Osuohai - the Dance of Life»
2015 «Ksenofontov Ytyk dabaty» (a film about G.V. Ksenofontov)
2015 «Ytyk maany Maltaany»
2017 «Linguist» (a film about the first linguist, a scientist from the Sakha people S.A. Novgorodov)
2018 «Bihigi aабabyt» (a film about the melodist and surgeon I.I. Sivtsev)

Fiction films:
2014 «Messenger of Heaven»
2018 «Toyon kyyl»
In 2013 he graduated from VGIK, directing department, workshop of S.V. Miroshnichenko. Now he is the head of the "Chronos" documentary film studio, a member of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation, a multiple prize-winner of film festivals, a member of the jury of film festivals.
2020 "Black and white torpedo Streltsov" director
2020 "Antarctica. 200 years of Peace" editing director
2018 "On the wing" director
2018 "Empire of Ballet" director and screenwriter
2018 "Be in the game" editing director
2018 "Land of People" director
2015 "Rings of the World" editing director
2014 "The Rhenium Effect" director
Director of documentaries. Born on December 31, 1976, in the city of Zaozerny, Murmansk region. She studied at the Academy of Aerospace Instrumentation, and chose directing as her second education. In 2001, she graduated from the University of Culture and Arts in St. Petersburg with a degree in directing. After graduation, she shot seven documentary projects. "Blind Cinema" is a debut in art cinema.
Director and screenwriter of documentaries
2001 "Letter"
2002 "Cohabitation" (within the framework of the project "Petersburg-300")
2003 "Vishnevskaya and Rostropovich" (as part of the documentary series "Portraits of the Epoch")
2003 "Ryazanov" (as part of the documentary series "Portraits of the Epoch")
2003 "Horsewomen"
2004 "Rural lessons"
2005 "Civil status"
2006 "Kiss me harder"
2007 "How to become a bitch"
2011 "I'll forget this day"