About the festival
Gorky Film Studio, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Culture of the Perm Region and the "Perm Cinematheque", is holding the Second International Film Festival "Shape Of Life" from August 17 to 21, 2022, dedicated to the preservation of the environment and all forms of life represented on the planet.
Wildlife and humans, issues of ecology and waste processing, conservation and use of natural resources are the most important problems of our time. International and Russian documentaries actively explore these topics, expressing the social and civil positions of society and specific activists.
"Shape Of Life " is the second international festival about the environment, which will present current trends in the development of cinema and identify our responsibility to all forms of life inhabiting our planet.
"Shape Of Life" tells about global natural processes. It is a statement that each person can help to achieve ecological balance, that his voice, opinion, actions determine the future. Guests of the film festival are Russian and foreign directors, producers, heads of environmental organizations, scientists, eco-activists, government and business representatives. This is a young and interested audience, focused on a healthy and active lifestyle, and looking for changes.
"Shape Of Life" develops an expanded format, going out to the city that breathes the fresh air of the festival. Street photo exhibitions, public discussions and press conferences in an urban environment are part of the festival. These are new platforms for dialogue, that will go along with various favorite formats: meetings with film authors, master classes on natural documentary filmmaking, exhibitions, lectures of scientists and specialists from all over the world, that are held not only in cinemas, but also in other places of the city.
is to expand the perception of Russian viewers about global environmental processes, to form the need for environmental thinking and reasonable consumption, to identify trends in the development of world documentary cinema of this issue.
The purpose of the film festival
international and national, as well as several out-of-competition programs. Competition program includes Russian and foreign documentary, experimental, popular science and educational films produced no earlier than 2 years before the start of the festival and more than 50 minutes long (international competition) and more than 40 minutes long (national competition). Films created in any country of the world are accepted for participation in the international competition. The winners are determined by the members of the international jury.
The festival will host two competitions:
The jury awards prizes in the following categories:
It is awarded to the best film of the competition program according to the aesthetic criteria and the scientific component.
GRAND PRIX of the International Competition
It is awarded to the best director for the embodiment of the creative idea of the screenwriter, supported by an individual "author's" vision.
Award "FOR BEST DIRECTING" of the International Competition
It is awarded for the most original script.
Award "FOR BEST SCREENPLAY" of the International Competition
It is awarded for the creation of original and high technical visuals on the cinema screen.
Award "FOR BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY" of the International Competition
It is awarded to the best film according to aesthetic criteria and exactly corresponding to the concept of the film festival.
Award "FOR BEST PICTURE" of the National Competition
It is awarded to the film that demonstrates the bright, passionate position of the artist.
Award "FOR THE ACTIVE CIVIC POSITION OF THE ARTIST" of the National Competition
"Special jury awards"